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Model 350ADAR


Zurn Wilkins Model 350ADAR

Designed for drop-in replacement of existing longer lay length assemblies without the need for additional spools or spacers, saving 2 to 6 hours of installation labor and up to 2 machine hours per backflow replacement. A custom sized grooved spool installed between the backflow body and downstream shut-off valve allows customer specified assembly lengths to be shipped directly from the factory. Designed for installation on water lines in fire protection systems to protect against both backsiphonage and backpressure of polluted water into the potable water supply. Model 350ADAR shall provide protection where a potential health hazard does not exist. Incorporates metered by-pass to detect leaks and unauthorized water use


2 1/2" - 10"

Model 350 (2 1/2" and 3") Repair Video o

Model 350 (4" and 6") Repair Video

Model 350 (8" - 12") Repair Video