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Backflow Test Kit Calibration

Preparing Your Test Kit for Shipping

Prepare your test kit for shipping by removing all tools and test fittings that may be stored with your test kit, we will not need them to perform our tests. We will need your test gauge and hoses. Open all needle and bleed valves to drain water from your test kit prior to packing it; leave the valves open for shipping. If you have an electronic model, make sure the unit is turned off and include the charging adapters with your kit. If your test kit has a carrying case please place the test gauge inside for shipping, it will help protect it during the shipping process. Print and complete the online Test Kit Accuracy Check Request form (hyperlink here) and place it with your test kit.

Packaging for Shipment

If you will be shipping your test kit, we recommend a box that has a minimum of 6 inches around the kit for impact resistant packing material. It is important to use a quality packing box and packing materials to keep your kit safe during transit.

Send Us Your Test Kit

You will need to either deliver your test kit in person or ship it to our showroom. We are open 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM PST Monday through Friday.

You can ship your test kit to:

Backflow Distributors
6400 Elvas Avenue Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95819

If you ship your test kit, we suggest you use a shipping service that tracks and verifies when it is delivered.

Services We Perform

Once we receive your test kit we will review the Test Kit Accuracy Check Request form. We will clean the case and test kit. We will pressure test all hoses, needle valves, and connections. If your hoses contain particle filters we will clean or replace the filter elements. We will accuracy check the gauge to ensure it conforms to the manufacturers specifications. If any of the parts in the test kit need repair, we will notify you with a description of the issue, recommendations for service or repair, and estimated costs. Your decision and authorization to perform work is needed before any repairs will be completed. You will receive a report of our findings from tests we performed when we received your test kit and after our work is completed.

You can contact us toll free at 1-800-713-0880 or email us at to discuss the status of your test kit or authorize work. Please be ready to provide your company name and contact name so that we can provide you with information about your test kit.

Backflow Distributors has been specializing in backflow prevention parts and accessories since 1998. We take pride in our workmanship and want you to know that your test kit is important to us. We strive for superior service with quick turnaround and we look forward to helping you. Visit us online at for additional information about the parts and services we offer. Your business is important to us.

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