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Ames LFC300

Lead Free* Double Check Detector Assemblies

The Colt LFC300, LFC300N Double Check Detector Assemblies are used to prevent backflow of pollutants, that are objectionable but not toxic, from entering the potable water supply system. The Colt LFC300, LFC300N may be installed under continuous pressure service and may be subjected to backpressure. The Colt LFC300, LFC300N is used primarily on fire line sprinkler systems when it is necessary to monitor unauthorized use of water. For use in non-health hazard applications.


2 in. (50mm)

The Colt LFC300, LFC300N Double Check Detector Assemblies shall consist of two independent Tri-Link Check modules within a single housing, sleeve access port, four test cocks and two drip tight shutoff valves. Tri-Link Checks shall be removable and serviceable, without the use of special tools. The housing shall be constructed of 304 (Schedule 40) stainless steel pipe with groove end connections. Tri-Link Checks shall have reversible elastomer discs and in operation shall produce drip tight closure against the reverse flow of liquid caused by backpressure or backsiphonage. The bypass assembly shall consist of a meter, which registers in either gallon or cubic measurement, a double check valve assembly and required test cocks. Assembly shall be a Colt LFC300, LFC300N as manufactured by the Ames Company.